Rose fragrance attar

Gulab Attar

Gulab Attar

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Aroma:  Sweet, Floral Fragrance

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Botanical Name: Rose Damascena

Common Method of Extraction: Hydro Distillation 

Appearance: Rosy Colour

Summary: Gulab attar is prepared by extracting Rose Damascena through Hydro Distillation. It has a very sweet, floral fragrance and is of rosy colour. Along with other natural ingredients, Rose Attar also contains chemical mixture of geraniol, nerol, rose oxide and phenyl ethyl alcohol. Rose Attar easily gets blends with sandalwood oil, jasmine oil and frankincense oil. 

Rose Attar is used in Aromatherapy. It has a large amount of therapeutic properties like anti oxidant, antiseptic, anti allergic, anti fungal, anti bacterial, astringent, bactericidal laxative, depurative, cicatrisant, haemostatic. Therefore, it is used as a medicine for fighting against depression, anxiety, stress. It is also very much beneficial for treating skin problems therefore it is used on dull skin to make the skin look glowing and attractive.

Due to its floral fragrance, Gulab Attar is used as scent in various cosmetic products like lotions, creams, fashwashes, talcum etc

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